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Posted on by Dale Kroop

Despite the history and success of the Magic Mile with its regional and national box stores and restaurants, there are many unique and successful businesses that provide important and interesting services, employ a lot of people and support families and the communities in where they are located.

They are are owned by your neighbors and friends and play a role in the daily lives of Hamden citizens. The Town's Economic and Community Development Department will begin to recognize and promote our local businesses so that they can be provided with the maximum opportunity to local bidding and other procurement procedures.

The Hamden Economic Development Commission believes in business retention is critical for keeping taxes steady in Hamden and setting the foundation for future growth. With the recent closing of Stop and Shop in Southern Hamden it is has never been more important to support local small businesses and to be involved with them to help them in any way that we can.

On a regular basis we will highlight unique small businesses to remind all of us how great they really are.

Eventually the Hamden Economic Development Commission will propose a new ordinance that will provide local businesses with an opportunity to compete better with outside vendors for work that comes from the Town and Board of Education. Hamden's small businesses should be encouraged to compete in the government marketplace, which is the largest marketplace in the Town of Hamden.