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Hamden Completes Hamden Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Study for Future Economic Growth

Funded by a grant from United Illuminating, a study was recently released to explore how Hamden can reduce its carbon footprint and create more economic growth by focusing attention away from fossil fuels and encourage the development of Electric Vehicles in the market place. Below is the Executive Summary of the study.

“Hamden’s economic future depends a great deal on our ability to modernize the community infrastructure and change public thinking about energy consumption. We need to think about making key investments in town facilities and to encourage the private sector to embrace energy conservation as an economic growth concept. This study is an excellent step towards those goals”, stated Dale Kroop, Director of Economic Development for the Town of Hamden.

The Hamden Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Study offers a comprehensive look at plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) readiness for the Town of Hamden, Connecticut by identifying policy and actionable opportunities to create and expand EV charging infrastructure and municipal EV fleet adoption while addressing transportation equity, consumer education, and utility engagement. Connecticut’s air quality does not meet all national criteria air pollutant standards. EV deployment is one of several strategies to reduce mobile source emissions contributing to high levels of ground-level ozone, a component of smog, and particulate matter (PM2.5). Both are harmful to human health. Connecticut created statutes requiring targeted reductions in economy-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The transportation sector is responsible for about 38 percent of the state’s GHG emissions, so pathways identified by the Governor’s Council on Climate Change recommended transportation electrification through PEV deployment as a primary solution to meet the reduction targets. Municipalities will be the entities tasked to enable the transition.

Fifty-eight percent of New Haven County residents say local officials should do more to address global warming. The town of Hamden is a populous town in Connecticut with two major routes, Connecticut route 15 and U.S. route 5, which both run through the community. The trend of PEV ownership is growing with a large interest by many residents to obtain a PEV at some point. The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program has dispersed 111 rebates in Hamden ZIP codes. Neighborhoods and communities that experience the worst air quality impacts are often left out of beneficial upgrades. Inclusive solutions for low- and moderate-income (LMI) and historically underserved communities are integral when developing a complete PEV readiness plan. Equitable transportation options will need to include creative ways to ensure PEVs and charging infrastructure will be accessible to all. Public participation from the community provides valuable information to consider for any municipal plan.

Hamden is poised to make great strides expanding and accelerating the adoption of PEVs and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Various aspects of municipal and community operations were examined. State agencies, regional and national organizations, commercial enterprises and PEV infrastructure subject matter experts were individually consulted to identify barriers and solutions to support EVSE deployment at the local level. This study serves as an in-depth resource and identifies barriers and solutions in eleven components to expanding EVSE and electrify vehicles. Possible partnerships and funding opportunities are also explored.

For more information on this study and Hamden's plan, contact Kathleen Schomaker at kschomaker@hamden.com.