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SMB Networks LLC and the Virtual Backbone of Connecticut Health Care

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SMB Networks LLC and the Virtual Backbone of

Connecticut Health Care

Cyber Crime Film Released

By Alexander Bosio 

Hamden continues to be a growing center of health care industry in the region. As a result, demand for supportive services like tech maintenance continues to increase. SMB networks LLC is a business that works to solve IT problems and improve the cost efficiency of local medical practices. Located at 2519 Whitney Avenue in Hamden, SMB is able to services to health care businesses in the New Haven, Hartford, and Fairfield counties. 

The full list of services includes:

1.                Troubleshooting and problem solving on all networks and PC.

2.                Hardware installation and support

3.                Virus and spyware removal and protection

4.                Security solutions

5.                VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

6.                Remote access

7.                Server installations and upgrades

8.                Spam filtering and e-mail solutions

9.                Internet connection

10.           Web content filtering

11.           System backups, onsite and offsite

12.           Complete network management and support

SMB Networks LLC protects and maintains the online domain of the health care industry, though not everyone realizes how important this field is. In order to display the many risks that come with running a business in today’s internet dominated corporate world, SMB has teamed up with Creative Realm Entertainment to produce a new documentary.

The film, titled CYBER CRIME, highlights the significance of the threat of cyber-crime today. “We are all connected everywhere all the time. The threats are real and can affect anyone that is connected to the internet with devices that range from a smart phone to a laptop computer or late model car. This documentary is meant to raise viewers awareness of the threat landscape and empower people with knowledge to help them be more responsible with this privilege we call technology,” says Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks, LLC and co-producer of the film.

Containing commentary from ten leading professionals in the cyber security field, CYBER CRIME takes a deep dive into the world of identity theft, the dark web and other web-based crime. The film is directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jeff Roldan and debuted this past May in theaters and on Amazon Prime.


For more information, contact SMB Networks, LLC at 203-361-3737 or visit www.cybercrimemovie.com


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