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Frequently Asked Questions for Economic Development

Does Hamden offer business incentives?

Yes, Hamden offers a variety of business incentives including grants, permit fee waivers, and tax abatements. We can even provide information about low-interest loans and funding for energy improvements.

How are the incentives awarded?

Hamden’s businesses incentives are awarded through a collaborative process between the Town’s departments, the Legislative Council, and the Hamden Economic Development Commission. The level of incentives is based on the location of the business and the amount of capital investment. For more information, visit our Business Incentives page.

Where do I go for permits and licensing to open and register my business?

  • All new businesses must first register with the Connecticut Secretary of State as an LLC or corporation. This can be done online or by calling (860) 509-6002.
  • All businesses must have a zoning permit. To get zoning approval and a permit, you must contact the Hamden Department of Planning and Zoning at (203) 287-7070.
  • The business must also be registered with the Hamden Town Clerk. Search what licenses your business may need by keyword at https://www.cerc.com/licenses/.
  • How can I find out how a property is zonedClick here and enter property address

Can I open a business in my home? If so, how can the town help?

Yes, you can start a business in your home and there are still ways for the Town of Hamden to help you.   All permit (i.e., zoning) and licensing regulations still apply to home-based businesses. . The number for zoning information for home based businesses is (203) 287-7070.

Where can I find out about available commercial real estate?

Available properties can be found on this website; click here to view them. You may also consider contacting a local real estate broker to learn about other available listings. For further assistance, call us at (203) 287-7030.

What are the key industries in Town?

The largest industries in Hamden in terms of employment and tax base are health care and government, followed by retail. Other prominent industries are manufacturing, arts / recreation / food, and finance, insurance, and real estate.

How can I get involved in economic development programs?

There are several ways to get involved.

For further information on any of these opportunities, contact us at (203) 287-7030.

What are the key goals for growing business in Hamden?

The most important goals in Hamden are business retention and attraction.

Another important goal is workforce development; to retain as many talented young people as possible so that they will live, work, play, and open businesses in Hamden. The Town also seeks to provide start-ups with the guidance and tools they need to be successful whether that takes the form of tax abatements, fee waivers, and classes. Hamden also prioritizes brownfield development and neighborhood improvement.

Does the Town have a plan for economic development?

Yes, the Town of Hamden puts out a comprehensive economic development plan every 2-3 years, designed by the Hamden Economic Development Commission. See the current plan.