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Steps to Starting a Business

Steps to Starting a Business - the Zoning Process

From a zoning standpoint, starting a business in Hamden is a relatively straightforward process.  Depending on the significance of the potential business and the amount of site work required, 
you may need to obtain one or more of the permits listed below (click here to see allowable uses by zones):

1. Find out what zone you are in based on your business’ location and if that location allows you to have the business (click her to see allowable uses by zones)

2. If your location requires you to build within 200ft of wetlands, you must apply for a permit through the Inland Wetlands Commission

3. If that application is approved, then you can begin the Zoning process
**If you do not meet all of the zoning requirements (based on your zone and use), you will need to request a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). If, and only if, that variance is
granted can you continue on with the Zoning process

4. Depending on your Zone, that your new business is (click here to see allowable uses by zones) and the proposed site work, one of the following four outcomes will occur:. You will be allowed to proceed after obtaining

  • A. A Zoning Permit from the Planning and Zoning Department
  • B. You will be required to get Site Plan Approval
  • C. You will be required to get Special Permit Approval
  • D. You will not be allowed to continue unless you obtain a Variance

5. If B or C occur then you must apply to the Planning and Zoning Commission in order to get either the Site Plan or Special Permit application approved
** Once approved, you will submit revised plans showing all Conditions of Approval

6. Finally, you can submit the Zoning Permit Application

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the process in obtaining a Zoning Permit, if approved, bring the Zoning Permit to the Building Department for a Building Permit.

If your business requires the serving of alcohol or selling/towing/repairing of cars, you will need to obtain a Liquor Permit and Automotive Location Permit, respectively.

Any further questions, the Hamden Zoning Regulations are available online at www.hamden.com


Click here for State of CT Businesses -- Licenses, Registrations & Permits


Trade Names, or "Doing Business As"

If you choose to do business under a different name from the one on your tax returns, you will have to file for a trade name certificate with the Town Clerk's office.