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Business Clusters

In concert with the State of Connecticut and the Regional Business/Industry Strategy, the Town of Hamden has created its own Business Cluster Initiative.

Business clusters are a collection of businesses categorized by industry that are major taxpayers and employers. The idea of the Hamden Cluster initiative is to work with local businesses as a group to gauge how they are doing and respond to their needs. The Town conducts Business Cluster meetings throughout the year as part of the long-range planning for the Hamden Economic Development Commission.

Hamden’s Cluster strategy is part of our efforts to meet the needs of small business in a more structured and focused way. For the last ten years, we have used the Business Cluster approach to plan effective strategies for community revitalization as well as to serve as a catalyst for economic growth. On behalf of our business clusters, we have tackled legislative, marketing, and workforce issues while tailoring our incentive programs to meet their financing needs.

Hamden’s Business Clusters:

We are excited to develop new strategies that will help make our business clusters thrive. We believe that ongoing dialogue with the companies in our business clusters is a cost effective and productive approach to business retention as well as business recruitment.

This way of addressing the business community’s needs has resulted in the long-range plans that we have renewed again and again. Our track record speaks for itself. Hamden now has a good business retention record and has recruited some quality companies and real estate investors throughout the State and in the region.

For more information about the original background of business/industry clusters, visit http://www.isc.hbs.edu/econ-clusters.htm.