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Solar Energy for Hamden Residents

Are you ready for solar energy? Hamden homeowners have many reasons for taking the step of adding solar panels to their rooftops—or in some cases, adding a ground-mounted array to deliver solar energy to your home.

With a right-sized solar installation, you have the satisfaction of generating your own electricity and the peace of mind of knowing what your monthly payment will be. Many Hamden homeowners also appreciate the social and ecological benefits that accrue from using a source of renewable energy.

For a handy primer on solar energy and a solar estimator for Connecticut, click here.

With Net Metering, you can bank unused kilowatts in the summer months to offset winter electricity use as well. Click here to learn more about Net Metering.

NOTE: Under current CT state law as of the 2018 legislative session, Net Metering will no longer be in effect for homeowners as of January 1, 2020. Installations after that date will no longer qualify for Net Metering. If Net Metering interests you, please contact your elected representatives to our CT State Legislature—Representatives and Senators—to find out where they stand on Net Metering.

Homeowners should get at least three quotes from solar installers before selecting a vendor. Your conversations with various solar installers will provide you with an education on the various aspects of residential solar installations. For a start on finding solar companies who have worked with Hamden clients go to: https://www.solarreviews.com/solar-companies/solar-companies-connecticut/. Click the New Haven County link then select Hamden from Town list to get reviews from Hamden residents for each company.

Here are some useful guidelines for those conversations:

  1. An energy efficiency audit should always precede a solar installation proposal. Your solar installer should insist on this—if not, go on to another vendor.
  2. The age and condition of your roof is an important consideration for rooftop solar arrays. This discussion is critical and sometimes you can bundle the financing for roofing work with financing for the solar array. Ask about this.
  3. The power of solar panels is variable. Your installer should be clear about why they suggest a specific panel at a specific power. Ask for the name of the panel manufacturer and research that company online.
  4. Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) are part of the deal if you purchase your solar array—will you get the REC’s or will the installer get those? Also be informed about federal IRS tax advantages for renewable energy—and what year those expire from the IRS tax code.

Please beware of vendors who claim to be working on behalf of Town of Hamden. Unless we have an advertised campaign underway, no vendor is working in partnership with Hamden government. Enjoy your explorations in solar energy!

Kathleen Schomaker
Hamden Energy Efficiency Coordinator