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Affordable Housing Goals Other Communities

Housing Goals Discussion

 Examples from other communities

    • To allow municipal workers - police, firefighters, teachers - and other key occupations such as health aides, nurses, pre-school teachers to live in
    • To lessen the housing cost burden felt by renters and
    • To add to diversity in
    • To create higher-density zoning near transit stations and/or bus
    • To expand the grand list and revenues by adding housing in market
    • To allow Baby Boomers/empty nesters to
    • To allow adult children to come back to live in the town they grew up in and attract potential home-buying Millennials to move to the
    • To add to the range of housing options by expanding approval of ADUs.
    • To rehabilitate and upgrade existing old/substandard
    • To increase the percentage of
    • To add moderately (60%-80% AMI) or deeply (30%-50%) affordable units for workers and
    • To add mid-range homes (80%-%120 AMI) so wealthier households don't rent/buy down and drive up
    • To add Multifamily housing and generally diversify types, BR sizes and footprints of housing
    • Some towns feel it's their responsibility to create a wider range of housing options so workers who commute to the town or others who wish to move into town can afford to live in the


•       Potential methods to achieve your goals

  • Assess areas to rezone: commercial, industrial, near stations, along bus routes and commercial
  • Inventory all unused or vacant industrial-zoned properties for
  • Survey/hold discussions with landowners interested in rezoning/selling their properties for MF housing as big city redevelopment authorities
  • Invite developers to town to assess where density, mixed-income affordable rent levels could
  • Consider use of such policies as tax abatements, relaxed parking requirements, higher densities, inclusionary zoning, density bonuses, municipal subsidies or incurring costs otherwise born by developers